This was a rather exciting weekend and lots of firsts for me, including going on a big train and in a car.

We went to stay with Karen’s big sister, Steph, and brother-in-law, James, in Nottingham. We went to get the train from St Pancras station which was super busy so Karen made sure I was safely tucked away for the train journey and didn’t fall out.

2015-0507-01 Train journey

On the Saturday, we went by car to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It was my first time in a car and I was super excited. I wasn’t allowed to stay on the dashboard for the journey as would’ve been too distracting.

2015-0509-02 First car journey

We arrived in time for lunch (of course) and they tried to feed me chilli’s but I wasn’t convinced. The rest of the lunch looked rather tasty though but they ate it all and didn’t share any.

2015-0509-03 Chilli lunch

Steph and James were rather naughty when Karen wasn’t at the table and put me upside down in a bottle. Steph tried to say that monkey’s are good at climbing but I’m too little for that.

2015-0509-04 Elderflower Presse

We then went outside in the sunshine and saw some lovely sculptures, including Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. I even saw sheep for the first time too but stayed safely behind a fence as they were rather big, even the lambs.

2015-0509-05 Yorkshire Sculpture Park     2015-0509-06 Yorkshire Sculpture Park     2015-0509-07 With sheep

It was a rather lovely day but we were tired and had to go home (aside from the park closing). I wanted to drive home but Steph said the key might be a bit big for me.

2015-0509-08 Driving home

I did have a treat later, though, as I met Ted and Snowy, as well as Milo and Travel Ted. Ted is older than Karen and he’s been much loved over the years.

2015-0509-09 Ted and Snowy     2015-0509-01 Milo and Travel Ted

Sunday we made biscuits. Well, I say we, really Steph and James made the biscuits then Karen helped with icing them. Can you guess what they are?

2015-0509-10 Minion biscuits

Not surprisingly, we slept on the train home!


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