First of the May Bank Holidays

Well, what a busy weekend I had. So much so that I thought the Bank Holiday Monday was actually Sunday.

Hayley from Norwich visited on Saturday. We had a bit of a hiccup in where we were meeting but fortunately sorted it out quickly. Had a lovely brunch and then wandered around Southbank. Saw another Shaun the Sheep near the London Eye and then there was this huge purple cow known as Udderbelly. Hayley is a purple fan too.

2015-0502-01 Hayley and Udderbelly

It was quite fun in the temporary gardens and I particularly liked the pretty flowers.

2015-0502-02 Flowers at Udderbelly

We walked quite far so had to have a sit down and rest which meant tea and cake (of course!).

2015-0502-03 Tea and Cake

Karen made me get up again on the Sunday as we went to Grand Designs at Excel with Maria. I met some friendly ducks but wasn’t allowed to play in the bath with them.

2015-0503-01 Ducks at Grand Designs

Fortunately I had Monday to recover which was just as well as not used to so much activity in such a short space of time. I made sure I was nice and warm with the dressing gown that Krissi made me.

2015-0501-01 Dressing gown

Then I made sure I had some extra sleep.

2015-0501-02 Chilling out


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