Celebrating with a visitor

I had a wonderful surprise this week which Karen kept completely secret from me – Krissi was over from Hong Kong and, even better, she’s got engaged.

Krissi is a special friend as she used to help look after me when she worked in London and Adam forgot about me when he went on holiday. She’s special because she makes sure I’m fed and have a holiday too – here’s one of me in the Alps eating a banana.

Monkey skiing

She made sure I got fed this time as well.

2015-0429-01 Being fed at the office

We went out for drinks on Wednesday to celebrate her and Max’s engagement – I had so much fun.

I started slowly with some water (look carefully and you can see the beautiful and sparkly engagement ring that Max had designed for Krissi).

2015-0429-02 Starting slowly

Then I was feeling a bit silly and made myself some arm-warmers.

2015-0429-03 Olive arms

Thought I should join in and have a proper cocktail, so was eyeing up Maria’s creation, but then found out it was non-alcoholic.

2015-0429-04 Wanting a cocktail

I was pleasantly surprised when Krissi was allowed to take me home. Karen was most concerned that I would get taken out or even fall out of her bag. Even though I had to go into the tube, Krissi made sure I was alright. We spent the rest of the evening with her brother and I had some wine Рperhaps a bit too much as I nearly fell over.

2015-0429-05 Drunk

And then we had some silly games including hide and seek. Can you spot me?

2015-0429-06 Hide and Seek

What a busy, busy week I had but really enjoyed it. I think Karen has got some other things lined up for us this bank holiday weekend but she won’t tell me what yet. Hope I get some rest.


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