Catching up – Easter Adventures

Easter is a long weekend due to 4 days not being at work, so I kept Karen company and made sure we had some adventures. On the Saturday we went to a new part of the Olympic Park called Waterglades, this is where they recycle all the water and is quite scenic. There’s also a good view of the stadium and orbit.

Monkey Easter 02 Olympic Park

I also got to climb a tree …

Monkey Easter 03 Waterglades

On the Sunday I had to have an Easter egg of course!

Monkey Easter 01 Easter Egg

Rather than sit in and eat chocolate all day, thought we’d do some of the Shaun the Sheep trail so went to London Bridge and started at the Shard. Went to HMS Belfast and walked along to Tower Bridge.

Monkey Easter 04 HMS Belfast  Monkey Easter 05 Tower Bridge

Thought I’d then have a bit of fun and a paddle, although when I told Adam on Tuesday he was a bit worried I might hurt myself which, of course, I didn’t as Karen was supervising me.

Monkey Easter 06 Fountain

To end the day, I got to drive the DLR home which was really fun and particularly nice in the sunshine.

Monkey Easter 07 Driving DLR


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