Margate move

Hello All, hope you are doing well and keeping dry and warm – can you believe its August?! (Actually its probably September by the time you read this, but you know what I mean.)

Sorry for the radio silence but I’ve been rather busy supervising Karen’s move to Margate. Actually, that’s not quite true as she wouldn’t let me help her move on the day as was worried I might get bashed about, so I’ve only seen the flat inside for the first time this weekend. She didn’t like my packing skills either, but I can’t imagine why.

2015-0818 Packing in London

Whilst I was banished, I got up to some mischief in the office (absolutely nothing to do with Vicki at all). I guess I should be pleased that she made sure I was fed and watered, and I was rather entertained, none of this supervisory stuff I normally do – it was like a mini holiday.

2015-0817 Water at work     2015-0819 Fat Friday

When Karen got back to work, she wasn’t terribly impressed though at my new behaviour, particularly when I tried to have some of her tea.

2015-0825 Tea at work

I then did a dress down Friday and went glam rock.

2015-0827 Glam Rock

I nearly wasn’t allowed out! Fortunately, though, Karen thought it was only right that I see her new flat. There were an awful lot of boxes initially but its quite homely now. This is the lounge.

2015-0830 Lounge

I also quite liked seeing the cars and I liked the pink Beetle that Karen has, so I’ve commandeered it. Not sure my arms will reach the steering wheel though or how my feet will work the pedals. And, yes, I can see the sea!

2015-0829 Car

We had a visitor today who was Julie – we had a lovely time and she bought some rather nice flowers, which look rather lovely on the (new but a bargain) table. I feel rather comfortable here but its back to work tomorrow.

2015-0831 Flowers

Before I go, Karen asked me to share some particularly nice sunsets she saw her first week when getting home. Apparently they were rather spectacular.

2015-0826 Sunset     2015-0827 Sunset


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