On the move

Sorry for the lateness of this blog but I was rather pooped on Sunday and not up to doing much as was so busy on Saturday. This included lots of sunshine but I wasn’t allowed to paddle which just wasn’t fair AND I didn’t even have an ice cream! Margate was looking rather lovely in the sunny weather.

2015-0801-06 Margate     2015-0801-07 Margate

I think I wasn’t allowed because I was naughty and a bit impatient on Friday. I was eager to get out the office as was so excited but Karen was still working and finishing her tea. She really should learn to take the hint – I was trying to get her attention but no luck. I then played in the jungle at Stratford International and was nearly lost, but rescued in time to get the train.

2015-0731 Ready to go     2015-0801-01 Jungle at Stratford International

So, guess where we went – yes, that’s right, we went to Margate and the breaking news is that Karen has found a flat to live. Its a lovely two bedroom ground floor with seaview and only 5 minutes walk from the station. I gave it my seal of approval from the outside.

2015-0801-02 New flat outside

Karen took some pictures inside, although they don’t really do the flat justice (that’s the lounge on the left and bedroom on the right).

2015-0801-03 New flat lounge     2015-0801-04 New flat bedroom

Oh my goodness, its really happening! Not sure if Adam will release me from my office supervisory duties but hopefully I can do that from home one day a week. I’ll definitely get to enjoy the weekends, that’s for sure.

It gets the thumbs up from me and Karen!

2015-0729-02 Thumbs Up

Silly Karen cut her thumb badly on a food processing blade on Monday and had to get it seen to, just some steri-strips but has been bandaged up all week. Adam suggested that he should cut my thumb off in sympathy but, apart from not having thumbs, I’d fall apart if anything was cut off (and, yes, I do mean that literally). I really don’t know how he can suggest such a thing, no wonder Karen has custody.

Fortunately there are kinder people in the world and Vicki let me go on holiday with Minion in the week, which was really lovely to have a break.

2015-0729-01 Holiday with Minion


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