Looking for Shaun the Sheep

We had a good wander in the sunshine in London yesterday doing some more of the Shaun the Sheep trail.

We started by getting the tube – not so keen on that as I have to stay securely in Karen’s bag, so its rather dark.

Walked through One New Change and then onto St Paul’s Cathedral. Lots of people sitting out in the gardens so we joined them and had a sit down on a bench (got a few strange looks!). My favourite Shaun so far was there which was a Chelsea Pensioner – probably because I have a soft spot for them after I met them at a work event.

Then we wandered over the Millennium bridge going towards Tate Modern. I did have a perch but it was quite windy so Karen had to hang onto me so I didn’t fall in the Thames.

Got to the Globe and saw the final Shaun of the day. Was going to get a bus but stops closed so had to walk quite far, fortunately there was a rather nice seat so had a bit of a rest in the sun.

2015-0418-01 St Paul's   2015-0418-02 Millennium Bridge


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